Creative Consulting

Content curation for brands, businesses, people and entrepreneurs. Services we provide focus on storytelling, brand advocacy and identity, relationship management, digital presence, and profitability. We develop strategic campaigns that drive honesty, awareness, and truth to help grow and develop strong brands, products, services, and processes.

Audio and Video Production Management

Collaborative audio and film creative that researches and understands your creative needs. Our offerings included but not limited to: Video, Editing, Script Writing, Scouting, Color Correction & Color grading, Sound Design, Music Scoring, Soundtracks, and Jingles. We are your Creative Solution!

Project, Product, and Asset Management

We take accountability for the success and failure of all commissioned work. Our responsibilities include initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing work-plans by building comprehensive plans specific to the project or product to achieve the end goal.

Vegetarian Food Consulting

Independent adviser that gives professional assistance to clients working on switching to a meatless diet. Our goal is to inspire the love of cooking by training culinary strategies, ideas, solutions, and easy food recipes that will continue the meatless lifestyle journey.